Antibiotic Free Bison

Antibiotic Free Bison and Why It Is Important For Your Health

Why is it important for you to only eat beef that is raised naturally? You walk through the supermarket all of the time and see signs for organic, natural grass-fed beef, etc. What does all of this mean and why it is critical? It all comes down to the safety of the animals, the environment, as well as your health. Antibiotic-free bison means you are taking an additional level of protection to help you, the animals, and the environment.


When you are consuming bison not raised naturally that means the bison may have consumed antibiotics, hormones in their raising. When the time comes for the bison to make it to your dinner table, all of the hormones and antibiotics they eat will be in the meat you are consuming. This is why it is important for your health to only buy antibiotic-free bison.