Value goes hand in hand with quality, and we’re talking more than nutritional value.

Noble Premium Bison has been supplying Canadian-raised bison meat to the hospitality industry in Europe since we launched our brand in 2016. The bison story is different than beef in terms of how we raise our animals, the superior nutritional profile of the protein, and the sweeter, richer taste. Your customers want an eating experience that’s unique and memorable. We believe they also want to be part of a brand story that’s based on integrity and commitment, and Noble Premium Bison can give you that advantage.


A Cut Above


Value goes hand in hand with quality, and we’re talking more than nutritional value.

Our clients know that we have the value chain in place to deliver a safe, high-quality product each and every time. We’re certified to the highest standards under Safe Quality Food (SQF) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI was created to establish benchmark standards for retailers worldwide, to encourage food safety and consistency along all links of the supply chain.

We offer dozens of premium cuts of meat, generated from industry standard specs set by the North American Meat Producers (NAMP), as well as a Custom Spec Service and Premium Portioned Program.


Premium Portioned Program


Developed specifically for chefs, hotels and caterers, our Premium Portioned Program offers our most popular cuts in portions designed to give your business an advantage. 


Cost control: Know your portion price in advance so you can control cost with every serving. 

Portion control: Portion cut proteins add efficiencies in inventory, prepping and cooking.

Elimination of by-product: Every gram of every portion can be served without trimming. 

Easy to use: Portioned products eliminate the need for cutting expertise and reduce prep time and clean up. 

Minimize storage space: Our Portioned Product comes vacuum wrapped in the same standard spec each time for easy and efficient storage. 

With our Premium Portioned Program, you can serve your valued customers the same superb eating experience each and every time. 


For more information about our products, our brand and how we can help you put Noble Premium Bison on the menu, contact Kelly Long.




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