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To our valued clients

At Noble, we’ve integrated a culture of care along every link of the supply chain and in these uncertain times of the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re continuing to focus on the health and safety of our people, our animals and our product. At our ranches in Western Canada, it’s business as usual with the team checking regularly on the bison herds and Doug overseeing safe and seamless transport to the harvesting plant. In Calgary, we’re managing logistics from our home office as we strive to maintain a continuous supply of premium products to both our retail and wholesale customers in Canada and Europe.

We work with the very best companies within our supply chain, who are now taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of employees and safe food handling during this outbreak. We’re proud to be part of a proactive and responsive team as we navigate these uncharted waters together.

Our retailers across Western Canada are continuing to serve Canadian families while doing their utmost to protect the health and welfare of their teammates and customers. At every store we’re seeing new measures to further enhance the stepped-up protocols, and services like Senior Shopping Hour are in place to help the most vulnerable customers. In this challenging environment, some of our European distributors are finding new ways to ship direct to consumers.

With voluntary and mandated restaurant closures and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for social distancing, we realize it is our hospitality clients who are experiencing the most severe business challenges. As your supplier, we’re doing our best to help accommodate challenges you may be experiencing and invite you to contact us at any time to discuss options. We need to pull together in these difficult times and we will do our best to be a part of the solution.

On a personal note, we want to express our enormous gratitude for all the hardworking folks who are making sure we can all have access to quality food, essential care and financial and emotional support. As entrepreneurs, we know our strength is in working together. As Canadians, we stand united with our world citizens, and know that with compassion and fortitude, we will once again see a brighter future.

Kelly Long,

CEO & Partner, Noble Premium Bison




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