Go Beyond Beef—with Bison

Bison meat in itself is a high value proposition. As an animal protein, it has more flavour than beef, twice as much iron, and is higher in vitamins, minerals and Omega 3s.

As part of a heart-healthy diet, bison has 30% less fat than beef, plus fewer calories and less cholesterol than other animal proteins. But the value proposition of Noble Premium Bison doesn’t end there—it begins at the ranch where these noble animals are raised.

Our clients demand a product that lives up to consumer expectations for protein that is:

  • raised sustainably without harm to the environment or the animal

  • harvested humanely and ethically

  • free of added hormones and antibiotics

At Noble, how we purchase, manage and process our animals is driven by our own legacy of sustainable ranching and environmental practices, a legacy that continues to set the bar high for best practices, and create the highest value for you—our clients.

In todays’ world, how we produce food is the primary driver to our brand story. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll show you what we’re doing to produce our bison in a manner consistent with what regulators require of us, what consumers demand of us, and most importantly, what we value in ourselves.

In the meantime, summer is here and we’ve got some great cuts for the grill, so get in touch and we’ll help you go beyond beef, with premium bison from Noble.

Best, Kelly Long 



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