Here’s why bison tomahawk steak is so damn sexy

From a carnivore’s perspective, this steak is drop dead gorgeous

If first impressions are everything, then the bison tomahawk will have you at ‘hello’. Considered one of the most dramatic cuts of meat there is, the tomahawk is one big, beautiful, bone-in steak, and the bison tomahawk? Well, let’s just say it will leave any self-respecting carnivore salivating.

Deep ruby red and marbled with just the right amount of fat, the bison tomahawk is actually a rib-eye steak with the bone left in. Sometimes called a côte du beouf (if you really want to sound fancy), bison tomahawk steak wins the popularity contest because it’s not only gorgeous, it has a depth of flavor unmatched by any other cut.

Let’s be honest, size does matter.

To get the maximum gastronomic pleasure from a great cut of meat, it has to be thick enough to hold in all those gorgeous juices, and a bison tomahawk steak is a 10 out of 10. Weighing in at typically 25 to 30 ounces, the bison tomahawk is never less than 2” thick—and often thicker. That’s a lot of juicy. And the bone? This is where things really get impressive. The bison tomahawk steak has a 7” to 9” bone that you can elegantly ‘french’ to show off your knife skills, or leave raw and meaty to caramelize on the grill. Either way, the object of your culinary affections will not soon forget your taming of the tomahawk.

To ‘french’ or not to ‘french’? Dress to impress.

‘Frenching’ is a technique where you beautify the cut of meat by removing all the fat and meat from the exposed bone. When it comes to frenching the bison tomahawk steak, we go both ways. We love all the flavour from the rich fat and meat left naturally on the bone, but if you really want to impress someone with your culinary prowess, get out your best knife and make that bone glisten.

Dressed or undressed, this is a steak for meat lovers.

Although we love our steaks naked, with nothing more than crushed black pepper and a great salt, there are times when embracing your meat in a little extra umami is just the thing. In our Bison Tomahawk Steak video, we’ve matched sweet butter with savoury miso, grilled a medley of foraged mushrooms, finished with a splash of Amarone and nestled that baby onto grilled ramps. Whichever way you choose, with a bison tomahawk on the grill, you’re guaranteed to never eat alone.

Look, don’t touch—the best way to savour a steak.

“Just, leave it alone…magic stuff’s goin’ on in there.” Anthony Bourdain had it right when he said the best thing you can do after you grill your steak to a perfect rare/medium-rare, is to ‘leave it the f**k alone’. Good advice. Even though you’re salivating at all those juices glistening off the perfectly charred surface, and it’s whispering to you to come have a peek inside, don’t do it. Find your willpower and let the damn thing rest for 5 to 7 minutes, which should be just enough time to finish that glass of big red you’ve been enjoying.

Want to know more? We thought so.

It might sound weird, but we have a lot of love and respect for our bison. Bison are ruminants, but unlike cattle, they thrive with minimal intervention on our part. So as long as we let them graze on their native forages and grasslands, they’re healthy without antibiotics, and hearty without growth stimulants. Our ranches in Canada are managed sustainably which makes us pretty darn proud, because any move towards regenerative agriculture is a move towards a better future.

If you want to know more about Noble Premium Bison and our seriously sexy steaks, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and who knows, maybe it’ll be the start of a love affair with 100% premium Canadian bison.

For wholsesale enquiries in Canada and Europe contact The Bison Tomahawk Steak and other premium bison cuts are also available to consumers at select niche markets in Calgary, Alberta. Contact Noble Premium Bison for details.




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