New Premium Retail Packaging Promotes Sustainability

In an effort to further engage sustainable practices from ranch to table, Noble Premium Bison is excited to be integrating more environmentally-friendly retail packaging into our processes.

This state-of-the-art technology developed in Germany, MULITVAC thermo packaging machines are groundbreaking in terms of their design, efficiency and effectiveness. The new MultiFresh packaging will enclose our bison products like a second skin; the upper web encloses the bison steak tightly yet free of tension, and does not affect the natural shape of the product. The result will be premium packaging that:

  • presents the quality, freshness, colour and texture of our bison meat in a natural way

  • secures the product in place without tension

  • effectively reduces the escape of liquid from the product dueto its all over sealing

As well, the MULITVAC equipment uses a recyclable plastic bottom tray instead of the current non-recyclable styrofoam tray. Initially, there will be minimal change in how our Noble Premium Bison packaging looks on the shelf, however, there will be an improvement in both quality and recyclability.

Longer term, Noble plans to upgrade the plastic tray to a fully biodegradable tray material as soon as rigorous material testing is complete. There is no immediate timeline on this, but knowing that these biodegradable products are already in use in Europe and starting to gain a foothold with larger manufacturers in North America, the future of sustainable packaging is encouraging. Once options are readily available, Noble will conduct shelf-life testing, with plans to integrate into the Noble Premium Bison line of products soon after.

The first bison meat products with the new MultiFresh packs will ship from the plant December 16th, and deliver into distribution centres beginning the week of December 21st.

Noble Premium Bison – The Future Is Sustainable.




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