Whether you’re a full on meat lover, or one who enjoys red meat sparingly, nutrition, quality and knowing where your food comes from is important to you. From the benefits of restorative agriculture to the latest culinary trends, our hospitality clients and retail customers want to choose wisely, and be part of the conversation.


That’s why we created ‘In The News‘. It’s a portal for podcasts and stories we’ve found interesting and informative and hope you do too.


With discussions on how biodiversity can heal our planet, to why certain foods fuel our brains, to the growing interest in Indigenous Cuisine, our goal is simple - to share knowledge on sustainability, nutrition and health, and a passion for food that’s good for us and good for the environment. 


We also have an FAQ on our website that answers your many questions including what our bison eat, where they’re raised, what bison meat tastes like, and why our packaging says Product of USA even though we’re 100% Canadian.


Let’s keep the conversation going! We invite you to engage with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@BisonNoble) so we can answer your questions and share all those fantastic recipes and photos! Tag your posts #eatbettereatbison and we’ll be sure not to miss you!

It’s Good Canada

Food for Thought

Kiss the Ground

The solution is right

under our feet


What the f*** is biodiversity?

Road Stories

Indigenous Cuisine Blossoms


How to Cook with

Bison Meat.

Global News

Want groceries delivered? Options across Canada during the coronavirus outbreak.

Dr Axe

6 reasons to try bison meat

now (it’s lean!)

Mens Journal

Is Red Meat Bad for You?

That depends.

USA Today

It’s not the meat, it’s the method.

Wall Street Journal

Do babies need meat?

One Zero

Cow farts are not the problem


New Hope

Are bison the answer to sustainable meat?


Mindful Mealtimes

Eating Well

This Man Wants You to

Eat More Meat.


All you need to know about bison meat.

Lancet Commission

A global planetary health diet for both people and planet.

Markets Insider

Saskatchewan, get ready to experience A&W Canada’s newest menu item –

the Bison Burger.

AMA Insider

Embrace Winter Barbecuing

The Mighty

Benefits of protein outside of building muscle

The Growler

Soil farmers: building more resilient farms

Harvard Health

Your Brain on Food

Washington Post

A Climate Change Solution Beneath Our Feet.

Parsley Health

Elevate your burger game,

with bison.

Harvard Health

Impossible and Beyond:

How healthy are these

meatless burgers?

Allan Savory | TED2013

Working to promote holistic management in the grasslands of the world.




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